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The New You

Help work through inner conflicts, and mediate change within. This CD assists in problem solving where we often get stuck, moving the individual into a different way of being, to be more determined in what they need to do.

Your Right Size & Shape

To build a compelling future, this CD assists you into thinking about building an inner acceptance and desire of being the right shape and size you have always wanted to be.

The Inner Coach

This CD is designed to get inner motivation and drive working, to help that “inner voice” and coach you into exercise, nutrition and to get on with finding the weight and health you really want.

Believe In Yourself

This CD is designed to mediate with your different aspects and get you into that kind of determination that makes you action change and create a positive body/mind image of self. 

Available as a set of four, the CDs cost $29.95 plus postage and handling.

All MiNDFOOD Relaxation tracks should be played only when you can stretch out and relax. Never play the MiNDFOOD Relaxation tracks in a moving vehicle.