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"MiNDFOOD DECOR is about the potential to create memories for our homes. A place filled with a collection of objects from times in our lives that make us smile, make us remember and, most of all, feel very much loved." EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, MICHAEL McHUGH

Welcome to summer!

By Michael McHugh, Editor-in-chief

This issue feels like summer: lots of beautiful blues and greens, the soft colour tones of blush, and light that seems to dance across the pages of this sun-drenched edition.

For me, the cover house, the first house I saw, really set the tone for the issue. Its views out to the river and sea beyond, its use of simple, pared-back furniture, its white walls and blue cushions, the blue skies with fluffy clouds … they all echoed my recent family holiday to the Greek Isles.

The Greek Islands were the perfect inspiration for our fabric editorial in ‘The Edit’, where blue and white came together against bright white walls reflecting the heat of the midday sunlight. My plan for a glass of Aperol Spritz or ouzo on the shoot didn’t happen – anything to recapture that wonderful Greek holiday!

But we have re-created the very modern essence of the Greek Islands, showcasing local fabrics and furnishings that are now all available in store. You, too, can recapture that holiday vibe and take inspiration from the Mediterranean when choosing fabric this season.

From the English and Spanish countryside to the coasts of Denmark and Belgium, we travel across the globe to showcase some of the world’s most fabulous homes and apartments. There’s Angela Radcliffe’s Georgian townhouse in London; the cliff-hugging Peruvian villa from the cleverarchitect studio of Barclay & Crousse; spatial-design lecturer Rafik Patel’s home renovation of New Zealand modernist architect Claude Megson’s concrete block-and-glass structure in Auckland; and Hervé Van der Straeten’s absolute transformation of his Moroccan home in Tangier.

I think we have covered just about every imaginable look and feel possible for summer as we bring you the world’s best design and innovation.

MiNDFOOD Decor Summer 2019 is on sale now.

You can order a copy of MiNDFOOD DECOR here on our website. Current issues available are:

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