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Current issue - STYLE Summer 2021

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This season and this edition of STYLE is full of possibilities indeed. There is much to read, and plenty of places to visit, shop, eat and drink for a summer of fun with family and friends. Make sure you don’t let any possibility pass you by.

“If there is ever a season to blow out the cobwebs, feel the sun on your skin, walk along the beach and let the sand get between your toes, it is summer. Such sensory experiences will get those positive neurons pinging around your body in a way that’ll make you feel happier and healthier at the same time,” writes Editor-in-Chief Michael McHugh. “Much like summer, this
issue holds many possibilities.”

There are three stunning covers to choose from, acclaimed Kiwi chef Josh Emett, jewellery and fashion icons Jessica McCormack and Emilia Wickstead, and a stunning coastal clifftop home.

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